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We provide comprehensive preparation for aspiring independent and public school teachers and leaders.

WE graduate educators with the capacity and determination to:

  • foster joyous, purposeful, and engaging learning for a diverse student body

  • build more inclusive, innovative, and successful classrooms and schools

  • contribute to more just, equitable, and sustainable communities

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• Two-year combined MA and credential program designed for full-time working professionals

• Personalized experiential on-the-job learning in outstanding public, charter and independent schools

• Opportunities to pilot well-researched, cutting-edge pedagogy and spark school change

A program like BATTI gives participants the chance to reflect on what they are doing during the day in a very structured, facilitated way.
— Jeremy Hilinski, BATTI Instructor & School Principal

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The Bay Area Teacher Training Institute is the Bay Area beacon for how to best prepare today’s aspiring teachers and school leaders for all kinds of schools, the diversity of students, and the ambiguous challenges of the future. Read more about how BATTI is making a difference in our Annual Report.