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Donate to BATTI

We are lucky to work with over 30 schools, where veteran teachers mentor BATTI residents. We have 83 teaching credential and leadership students enrolled this year, several at schools new to the BATTI coalition.

In the past year, we are proud that we:

  •   Graduated 41 new teachers, 100% of whom took teaching positions, 1/3 of whom chose to teach in public and charter schools; and also Graduated 11 leaders from Cohort 2 of our Educational Leadership program

  • Welcomed 5 new board members and 4 new member schools

  • Trained 80 mentors

  • Kept our retention rate for all of our 400+ graduates at 80%

  • Proudly watched 8 graduates take on leadership roles at their schools


We ask for your support to:

  •   Increase our recruiting efforts. By partnering with new organizations such as the Bay Area Independent School Teacher Access Coalition, we aim to improve our outreach and attract new teachers, especially teachers of color.

  • Continue to improve our residency model through strengthening our mentorships and school partnerships

  • Strengthen our collaboration with public schools and our summer school partners


We thank you for your generous support!               

Bob Houghteling

Executive Director