Information for Current Students Entering Year Two Fall

Fall 2019


Highlights of the BATTI second year—looking down the road-Sept 2019

Here is the some of the most important stuff you need to know for this final BATTI year.

1. Registration and tuition payments: Sept 6 is the last day to register without a penalty and a late add petition. Don’t delay! Glitches happen….

2. CSET—All tests must be passed before December or you cannot enroll in the spring. We are setting up tutoring sessions for this fall—low cost per session with Gianna Shields. You can also sign up for online modules through CTI—contact Ana Zamost. We will pay the $100 fee. And we will pay your re-take fees if you fail a test and have to take it again. Don’t delay!

3. New resources available on the BATTI website—“log in” on front page, pw is learnbydoing. You will find links to calendar, yearbook, handbook, etc.

4. Other costs—Your edTPA scoring fee to Pearson Education will be $300,due via credit card (and paypal?) directly to them in January.

5. Mentor meetings – Sept 24 SF, Sept 25 EB. This is the first meeting, where you and your mentor talk for the first half hour of the meeting.

6. Information sessions—November 19 SF and December 11 EB. Bob will invite you to represent BATTI, and BATTI will pay $40.

7. Arts integration---in a tech class this fall, and two sessions in January at the SF School, and a class in March.

8. FINAL Tasks of second semester—You will only have one class a week. Soheyl will guide you through the edTPA, your job search, and remind you about finishing your credential requirements

9. Final Credential requirements---RICA, US Constitution, CPR. Get on them now! We arrange a CPR class in March for $100 on a Saturday.

10. Exit interviews---April 21 at the SF School

11. Graduations!! May 8 SF Friends starting at 6 PM. May 9 UOP starts 5 PM

Fall Registration

Below are instructions for registration:

On both sides of the Bay, you will be taking:

  • Teacher Action Research: 3 units (August to December)

  • Special Learner Instruction: 2 units (August to October)

  • Technology in the Elem Classroom: 2 units (October to December)

Please write with any questions or concerns. One cohort member has already encountered a glitch where her SF Tech class "required an instructor approval." If you are shut out in some way, write to our assistants:

Don't wait until the last minute, but the deadline is September 6. As soon as you register, your payment is due. (or financial aid disbursement)

7 units x $880 = $6160

Year 2 Forms and Info

C.17 Mentor Assignments - Missing information is highlighted. Please send Raleigh ( grade level, mentor (lead teacher) name and mentor email if I don’t have it already.

UoP TPE Form

Mentor Guidelines