Information for Current Students Entering Year One Fall

Fall 2019

Introductory Documents

  • Yearbook - Please read through your yearbook bio carefully and let me know if you need to make changes. Missing information is highlighted in yellow.

  • Orientation Handbook - Please read the handbook carefully. We will play a lighthearted game as a way to review the handbook during orientation Thursday night.

  • Email Address C.17 and C.18- Names and email addresses are broken down by EB and SF class sections. Please make sure you are listed in the correct group.

Other Relevant Info

  • BATTI School Log- You will need this form to document your observer/participant visits at public schools.

  • Mentor Guidelines- Your mentor is the lead teacher you are working with this year. Important details about mentor meetings and mentor requirements are listed in these guidelines.

  • Supervisor Guidelines- The supervisor is the BATTI coach that will be visiting you eight times this year. This document gives an overview of BATTI supervision and supervision requirements. Your BATTI supervisor will be in touch with you in the next few weeks. The first visits begin in late September.


Please click below for instructions on how to register online for your UOP/BATTI fall courses.


  • You may not yet have received your Pacific Id and other info required to register. That will be coming soon.

  • You need to make sure you are registering for the correct SIDE OF THE BAY SECTION. EB for the students who will be attending classes in Oakland, SF for those attending in (YES) San Francisco.

  • You have until September 6 to register and pay, but don't procrastinate, because

  • GLITCHES happen. If so, first contact the helpdesk, and then our UOP assistants and helpers Leo Libres and Stephanie Buenrostro

  • On both sides of the Bay, you will be taking:

    Literacy Development: 4 units

    Transformational Teaching and Learning: 4 units

  • The cost is 8 units x $913 per unit = $7304. Contact the Financial Aid department regarding loans, or the Student Accounts office regarding a payment plan. Email addresses are in your BATTI orientation handbook. Remember, it never hurts to ask your school if they can help you with tuition. They will pay UOP directly, using your student ID number.