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Master’s in Educational Leadership

The Program

The University of the Pacific in partnership with the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute has been proud to offer the Educational Leadership Program for the last four years. UOP is significantly changing its programs on campus. As a result, BATTI has had to put our program on hiatus for this coming year, and we will not be accepting applications.

We are proud of our program and want to renew it in the future, and thus are leaving on these pages a thorough description of the program. Please contact Dee Desmond, program director, at with any inquiries about the program.

The two-year program enables highly qualified K-12 educators to transform their education experience into a meaningful career in school leadership. This innovative program aims to contribute to the quality of public, private and charter leadership by preparing the next generation of school heads and principals, division heads, mid-level administrators and teacher leaders. The program builds a network of especially talented leaders who will collaborate across the diverse educational communities they serve.


Info Sessions

We look forward to hearing about your goals, and answering your questions about the program and the application procedure.

For more information, please contact our Program Director:

Davida (Dee) Desmond
(415) 377-9855


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  • In five semesters (2 years) candidates earn an MA in Educational Leadership and an Administrative Services Credential.

  • Bi-weekly evening classes and flexible online course modules

  • Blend of theory and practice with focus on change, leadership, innovation, diversity, and continuous learning

  • Highly experienced and diverse faculty; insights from BATTI’s network and coalition of Bay Area schools

  • Sense of community and a support network through cohort model, mentorship, and personalized approach

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School Change Project

A key aspect of the program is the undertaking of a major year-long, school-based practicum. The project must be of authentic value to the sponsoring school, will focus on school change, utilize innovative leadership practices, and draw on collaborative problem solving with peers. Please read our admissions packet for more information.

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Upon successful completion of all coursework and requirements, students enrolled in the University of the Pacific/BATTI Educational Leadership Program receive a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.


Year 1


  • Techniques of Research - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 201

  • Nature and Conditions of Learning - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 216

Total Units: 6


  • Educational Planning, Delivery, Assessment - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 295C

  • School Finance and Business Administration - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 283

  • Educational Administration Field Experience - 1 Unit Course, EDUC 292

Total Units: 7


  • Pluralism in Education - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 204

  • Educational Leadership - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 285

Total Units: 6

Year 2


  • Educational Organizations and Diverse Constituencies - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 278

  • School Law and Legal Processes - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 280

  • Educational Administration Field Experience - 1 Unit Course, EDUC 292

Total Units: 7


  • Action Research - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 274

  • Administration of Human Resources - 3 Unit Course, EDUC 286

  • Educational Administration Field Experience - 1 Unit Course, EDUC 292

Total Units: 7


*For those who are able to meet CA state requirements, obtaining a Preliminary California Administrative Services Credential is optional. Classes are taught at convenient locations in the Bay Area by University of the Pacific instructors.

* Please note the CA CTC prerequisite for the Administrative Services Credential is a CA Clear Credential

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Students will pay the University of the Pacific each semester based on units of enrollment. Tuition for students enrolled in 2018 is $849 per unit for our 33-unit, 2-year program. Once enrolled, the per-unit fee will not change for a student over the two years of the program. Payment plans are offered fall and spring semesters.


The Bay Area Teacher Training Institute rec­ognizes that making the decision to pursue a Master’s Degree is an important commit­ment of time, energy, and finances. We outline below the most common Financial Assistance resources available to University of the Pacific/BATTI students. There may be other resources available to you as well.


Graduate students receive unsubsidized Stafford Loans. In order to determine eligibility for Financial Aid, a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed and filed with the federal processor for FAFSA. You can file a FAFSA over the Internet at Please contact the Assistant Director of the Financial Aid office, Ms. Deanne Rivera, with any questions: Pacific’s ID number is 001329.

After the Financial Aid Office at Pacific has received and reviewed your eligibility data from your FAFSA, a financial aid offer letter will be mailed to you detailing the types and amounts of Financial Aid dollars available to you.


Schools sometimes allocate a portion of the budget for Professional Development for teach­ers and administrators. Your principal, head of school, or HR department may be able to advise you in this regard.


BATTI offers a limited number of need-based grants to students. Please contact BATTI for a BATTI financial aid form when you submit your application.

For more information, please check out our FAQs.