Information for Current Students Entering Year 1

Summer 2019

Welcome to BATTI Cohort 18! Before we jump into two rigorous years of learning and teaching, there are some logistics that need to be addressed. We encourage you to use the list below as a checklist to be sure you’ve taken care of all the administrative odds and ends before classes begin in August.

BATTI cohort 18 (3).png

To RSVP for the Early Orientation, please email Raleigh

Deadlines and due dates

  • Start a BATTI file with all of your credential materials such as the CSET, Certificate of Clearance (COC) and so on. You’ll need proof of these things throughout BATTI and beyond, so keep them all organized and easy to find.

  • Register for the Basic Skills requirement and at least one CSET test. (Please note you must fulfill the Basic Skills requirement and take one CSET test by August 23.)

  • OPTIONAL — Apply for financial aid at UOP.  Details below.


  • Go to Livescan to get fingerprinted and obtain both a COC and clearance for University of Pacific. (Many of you will do this at our early orientation.)

By July 20

  • Complete Google Form – Employment and Contact Information (form to be linked soon)

  • Send yearbook photo and list of hobbies to Raleigh at

By August 1

  • Register for classes in August. Pay tuition at time of registration. (links and instructions to do this will be shared here when available)

By August (exact date TBD)

  • Fulfill the Basic Skills requirement and take one CSET test. Send hard copies or scanned results to Raleigh and Jaci Griffen at:

    • If you need tutoring to pass the CSET, please contact Ana to get started.

  • Send copies of your COC and a copy of the Livescan form to BATTI and UOP. Remember to keep hard copies of these for your own records.

  • Complete the UOP Request to Activate a Credential File and send it to Jaci Griffen at: (Many of you will do this at our early orientation.)

  • Submit a TB test report or doctor note indicating that you are free of tuberculosis to BATTI and UOP.

  • Discuss BATTI requirements (dates and times of classes, public school teaching) with your lead teacher/mentor. 

By August 23

By June 10, 2020


Please find information here that will walk you step by step through your application to Pacific. There are also contacts listed at the university in case you find glitches in your application process. They do happen from time to time, and people at the GRAD CAS and university IT department and helpdesk are very helpful. 

Financial Aid: 

You may apply for financial aid through University of the Pacific, beginning by filling out the FAFSA form online. As a graduate student, you can have undergraduate loan payments deferred during the program.

You will be offered unsubsidized Stafford loans (you pay back loans). The university will deduct a small portion of your loan for their processing fees. Your loans will go first to pay your Pacific tuition and then any remaining amount will be disbursed to you. 

Please contact Taylor Farley, UOP’s Financial Aid Counselor if you have questions at:


We will send more information soon. 


Access the UOP Academic Calendar here. 

Below you will find the BATTI Academic Calendar with dates for Fall 2019. We recommend you click on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom right corner of the calendar below to add this calendar to your own.