Academic Program

Under the sponsorship of University of the Pacific, BATTI satisfies the multiple subject credential requirements set forth by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. While classes are not held at University of the Pacific, the university helps to provide instructors and arranges for financial aid through their Department of Financial Aid. Upon completion of the program, BATTI students apply for their teaching credential through Pacific’s credential service office.

Year 1 Fall Semester - 6 units
EDUC 2931 Teaching English Language Learners (3 units)
EDUC 140 Transformative Education: Sociology of Education and Child Development (3 units)
Student Teaching Seminar

Year 1 Spring Semester - 8 units
EDUC 161 Literacy Development (4 units)
EDUC 152 Teaching Math (2 units)
EDUC 130 Technology Enhanced Classroom (2 units)
Student Teaching Seminar

Year 1 Summer Semester - 6 units
EDUC 150 Teaching and Assessment with Social Studies (4 units)

Year 2 Fall Semester - 7 units
EDUC 293C Research in Action (3 units)
EDUC 151 Teaching Science (2 units)
SPED 293H Exceptional Learner’s Instruction (2 units)

Year 2 Spring Semester - 8 units
EDUC 293A Assessment for Learning (3 units)
EDUC 270 Professional Practice (5 units)


Other Requirements

1. Public School Placement
While BATTI students’ major experience is in the school that hires them, they get 30-45 hours of experience during the first year and 90 hours during the summer in the public schools. BATTI students become regular volunteers, or Observer/Participants, serving 5-10 days in the first year. They will work with an experienced mentor teacher in classrooms that have at least 1/3 English learners.

2. Additional Required Coursework and Certification
In order to receive your credential, you must fulfill several other requirements, including:

* US Constitution Class (may be waived if you have taken approved college course)
* CPR certification
* Passing a reading instruction competency exam, RICA.

* Please see the Admissions Packet for more information.