BATTI Professional Clear Credential Program

Because of recent changes in our university affiliation, BATTI must put the BATTI Clear Credential program on hiatus for the academic year 2014-2015. We hope that we will resume the program in September 2014 under the auspices of the University of the Pacific.


BATTI began the Clear Credential Program in fall 2009 under the sponsorship of San Francisco State University. The program is specifically designed for teachers who have obtained their Preliminary SB 2042 Credential and are seeking to "clear" their credential within the state's five-year window. Teachers working in a non-public school (private, charter, or parochial), along with public school teachers who do not have access to professional development known as BTSA through their district, need to go through a university-sponsored program such as the BATTI Clear Credential Program. Our program partners with the New Teacher Center (NTC) in Santa Cruz, California. The NTC has earned international recognition for its innovative teacher mentoring programs. In Fall 2011 we welcomed single subject preliminary credential holders!

Who can apply to the program?

Any private, parochial, or independent school K-12 teacher may apply to the program if s/he is the "teacher of record" - a lead teacher (at least half time) that is giving grades or writing the progress reports, and has an SB 2042 Preliminary Single or Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential.

What is the structure of the program?

The program is offered as a two-year sequence that is primarily mentoring based. The first year includes mentoring visits from August to June from a veteran teacher who has been trained through the NTC's extensive Mentor Training Program. In year one participating teachers are required to attend Advanced Professional Seminars. Seminars are led by our Program Director and meet on a bi-monthly basis on a Saturday from 9:30-12:30 PM for a total of 8 meetings. The seminar topics are developed to assist participating teachers in achieving competency in the topics of Clear Standard 5: Pedagogy and Clear Standard 6: Pedagogy and Clear Standard 6: Universal Access: Equity for all Students.

Details of the Program

Is there an Early Completion Option?

A participating teacher may be recommended by the Program Director and the university education department, to complete the program in a one year "Fast Track" option if s/he has a minimum of three years of full time prior lead teaching experience as the “teacher of record” and has shown growth towards the goals of his/her ILP. Thank you for your interest in the BATTI Clear Credential Program.